The Technical Instruction FOM/3053/2008 (in spanish) established by ‘el Ministerio de Fomento’, establishes the technical and physical requirements that all the Speed Bumps installed in roads and public routes must accomplish.

The television channel ‘Antena 3 Televisión’ published the following news on the 15th of December, 2012:

“The law approved by ‘el Ministerio de Fomento’ says that the speed bumps and speed humps must have a ramp of less than a meter, a longitude of four meters and they cannot exceed ten centimeters high. These requirements are not accomplished by half of the Speed Bumps installed in Spain.”

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All the ECOBAM RDV © comply with the Technical Instruction FOM/3053/2008 (in spanish), being the first in the whole world in having the LED illumination system, which enables drivers to see the Speed Bumps in advance, improving the drivers’ reaction ability.

Source: Antena 3 TV