Innovation and Technology in Road Safety

"Ecobam Europe is the result of a process of road safety innovation that provides solutions for existing problems by applying new technologies and a global vision"

J.Martínez Bosch, General Manager

Ecobam Europa, S.L. started with a clear objective: to offer innovative products in the Road Safety field, Urban infrastructures and Smart Cities.

Our products are the result of an innovation process, are designed, engineered and manufactured to provide solutions to problems and needs in the different business areas in which we operate.

We apply new technologies, new materials, new features in all our products. Our solutions improve current products and resulting in a clear economic benefit to our customers.

More than 30 years experience in manufacturing, engineering and product design allows us to provide new solutions that signify a breakthrough for the market.

We think how should be the cities of the future and try to make them a reality today.

Ecobam Europa - Innovation and Technology in Road Safety
Ecobam cuenta con el apoyo de:
Enisa - Ministerio de Industria, Energía y Turismo
Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional