Speed Bump Ecobam RDV 800/40 ©

Speed Bump specially designed for traffic calming and speed reducing of zones with high volume of traffic including heavy duty vehicles. Speed limit of 25mph (40kph).

Speed Bump Ecobam RDV 800/40
Speed Bump Ecobam RDV 800/40
Product details

Speed Bump Ecobam RDV 800 / 40 ® is designed to implement traffic calming measures for zones with high volume of traffic of vehicles with tendency to exceed speed limits. This speed bump is also suitable for roads / streets with traffic of heavy vehicles like trucks, buses or coaches.

Suitable for:

  • Speed limits of 25mph (40kph)
  • Suburban zones
  • Linking road zones
  • Zones where the vehicles tend to exceed the speed limit, and where the risk of suffering accidents is moderate.

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SPEED BUMP ECOBAM RDV 800 / 40 is made of cast iron, includes a LED illumination system and the inviolable attachment system ECOBAM FIX ©. The speed reducer height is 1.57in (40 mm).
Speed Limit of: 25mph (40kph)
Traffic: High density
Zones: Suburban and linking roads (turning roadways)

  • Section Width: 31.50in (800mm).
  • Section Length: 15.75in (400mm).
  • Maximum Height: 1.57in (40mm)
Speed Bumps ECOBAM RDV represent an innovation which eliminates all the problems associated to other speed bumps manufactured with rubber or asphalt / cement, like product durability and fast deterioration of rubber speed bumps or high installation costs of asphalt / cement speed bumps, and poor visibility of both kind of products.
The advantages of the Speed Bumps ECOBAM RDV are:
  • Outstanding durability of the product, made of cast iron, it is indestructible and it is not deformable, assuring the highest product life of the market.
  • No maintenance, its design and materials avoid any kind of maintenance of the product like replacing modules, fixations, etc.
  • Maximum security, LED lighting system increases the visibility of the Speed Bump so the driver see earlier the speed bump and reacts faster slowing the speed of the vehicle.
  • Effectiveness, its shape causes a vertical deceleration harmlessly on vehicles.
  • Sustainability, low power consumption LED illumination system and materials used in its manufacturing are 100% recyclable.
  • Modular system that allows easier installation and adapt speed bump dimensions to street / road requirement

"The quality of the materials used in the production of speed bumps must ensure its stability and attachment to the road. It must also ensure its ability to keep its shape and perform high durability."

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See Speed Bump Ecobam RDV 800/40 technical datasheet

Technical datasheet Ecobam RDV 800/40
Technical datasheet Ecobam RDV 800/40

Ecobam RDV 800/40 Dimensions

Section Details

Initial Module

Section Module

Initial Module
Initial Module
Yellow Body Module
Yellow Body Module
Black Body Module
Black Body Module
End Module
End Module
Ecobam cuenta con el apoyo de:
Enisa - Ministerio de Industria, Energía y Turismo
Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional