See the video of how Speed Bump Ecobam RDV 800/40 is used for traffic calming in Barcelona’s international airport.

As you will see in the video, this speed bump located at the airport in Barcelona, specifically in Terminal 1, is a basic installation of a speed reducer Ecobam 800/40 made of cast iron with LED lighting system and screwless fixing system Ecobam FIX.

Speed Bumps Ecobam has excellent durability compared to the traditional Speed Reducers made of rubber (material that degrades quickly). This speed bump is capable of supporting high traffic conditions without suffering any damage, traffic that includes vehicles like taxis and coaches.

Thanks to its high durability and strength, doesn’t require maintenance and ongoing problems like loose parts, broken segments, etc. are avoided in comparison with speed bumps made of rubber / plastic.

The LED lighting system allows drivers to see the speed reducer speed bump in advance, allowing reducing safely and effectively the vehicle speed to the street regulated speed limit. It design increases the comfort of the passengers and avoid damage to vehicles , some of the major problems reported in other types of speed reducers such as rubber or built in situ with asphalt or cement.

The Speed Bump ECOBAM RDV 800/40 has been accepted with high satisfaction by the bus and taxi drivers of the airport. Some of them have commented that the ECOBAM Speed Bump is easily seen in the distance thanks to its LED illumination, the vehicle crossing is with no noise because of the attachment system and comfortable for vehicles when not exceeding the speed limits. ECOBAM Speed Bumps meet the criteria of the Technical Instruction FOM/3053/2008.

All the ECOBAM Speed Bumps RDV comply with the law established in the Technical Instruction FOM/3053/2008.