Ole Thorson, road safety expert, has recently visited Ecobam Europa SL to see at first hand the security solutions ECOBAM and to evaluate them.

During his visit, many road safety topics were discussed; for example: the origins of the Traffic Law, and also the technical details of the existing laws.

We agree that everybody should work using the same point of view, improving the drivers’ and pedestrians’ attitude. Safety Road education is not enough.

Ole Thorson visits ECOBAM

Ole Thorson (left) Road Safety expert, Xavier Martínez (middle) ECOBAM inventor and General Manager, José Miguélez (right) ECOBAM Road Safety expert.

During the meeting, the experts also checked and evaluated all the technical and legal features which made the ECOBAM RDV Speed Bumps launchment possible , and all the innovation process:

  • First phase: Create a product which enables irresponsible drivers to reduce their speed, and also a friendly product for those who are sensible.
  • Second phase: Design a product with materials which comply with the most exigent national and international laws, in other words, authorized products.
  • Third phase: Comply with the law FOM/3053/2008, not only because it is compulsory but because it entails dangerousness prevention, durability, ability to keep its shape and attachment.
  • Fourth phase: Simulator (virtual tests) and track tests, before installing the first part in the streets many tests were made, with all kinds of vehicles to verify that the design was suitable for different roads.
  • Fifth phase: Real installations. The first day we coud check the main ECOBAM RDV target. The difference in the reaction in front of the illumination: the driver reduces the speed 25 metres before.

The results and experiences obtained in the last 18 months, including the first installations, show that ECOBAM RDV is an effective Speed Bump, for example: in the installation realised in Portugalete, the accident rate in a black spot has been reduced, no more accidents since the ECOBAM was installed. But we must also consider other important factors: location, signposting, etc.

During the meeting we all agreed that ECOBAM is a good product: innovative design to reduce the speed physically and visually.

But we can also learn more by applying new technologies and functions, so Xavier Martínez, as the Ecobam Europa inventor and General Manager, assumed the compromise of improving the safety features of the Speed Bumps.

Ole Thorson:
Mobility expert: 45 years working in mobility, safety and sustainability. His job is to plan the usage of public places and the mobility, considering the human beings.

  • President of the International Pedestrian Federation.
  • President of the Spanish Association of Accident Prevention.
  • INTRA founding partner
  • Doctor of Civil Engineer.